Hand Care

Orthopedic Surgery of the Hand & Upper Extremity

When your hands are not able to function normally, it is critical to seek out the very best medical care available. After all, your hands are part of everything you do. Your hands are like an extension of your mind, allowing you to express yourself in art, music, or writing; grasp objects; throw a ball for your dog; or plant flowers in your garden. In short, naturally functioning hands make it possible to work, play, and live with greater freedom and independence.

At Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group (CSOG), our hand specialists have the comprehensive training, depth of knowledge, and sophisticated tools required to restore injured or diseased fingers and thumbs, replace damaged finger joints, repair compressed nerves, reduce or eliminate pain, and compassionately treat any form of damage to your hands.

Some of the many conditions and injuries we treat include:

We always seek to treat hand disorders using nonsurgical means whenever possible. But when surgery is the only option, we approach it with great care. Our experienced and skilled hand surgeons offer leading-edge procedures such as:

At CSOG, we know how essential your hands are. Let us help you get back to living as fully as possible again. Call our hand specialists in Colorado Springs at (719) 632-7669 to schedule an appointment or request one online.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

The care we deliver is second-to-none, and our patients are thrilled to share their success stories with us. Hear how our providers have helped patients throughout Colorado Springs and beyond restore their active lifestyle and quality of life.

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