Orthotics & Prosthetics

When it comes to orthotics and prosthetics, there is no cookie-cutter solution. Simply put, one size does not fit all. We are proud to partner with Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services to provide a wide range of solutions custom-fitted to your unique needs.

From amputees to athletes and wounded warriors, the dedicated practitioners at Audubon work to design, fabricate, and fit the most comfortable, best performing brace, orthotic, or prosthetic possible.

With decades of experience, Audubon’s orthotists and prosthetists work with you to create a brace, splint, or orthotic for your arm, leg, spine, or feet, or a prosthesis that closely mimics the form and function of human anatomy. These compassionate providers meld bioengineering principles to craftsmanship, creating artisan-like support structures to help you get back to the independent life you love.

Whether you need preventive bracing for a post-traumatic injury or a form-fitted, custom prosthetic, the Audubon staff will immerse themselves in your world to engage you and address your specific needs.

Life doesn’t stop after an injury, and it is our job at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group to make sure you can return as fully as possible to yours. That’s why we rely on the professionals at Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services. Your CSOG doctor will refer you to Audubon for any orthotic or prosthetic need. To learn more, call (719) 632-7669.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

The care we deliver is second-to-none, and our patients are thrilled to share their success stories with us. Hear how our providers have helped patients throughout Colorado Springs and beyond restore their active lifestyle and quality of life.

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