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Dr. Cassidy, from

Dr. Cassidy did my surgery for carpal tunnel and ulna nerve at the same time and did an amazing job. He is a very professional and truly caring doctor. Now adays you don't see that too much. – Grimelda G.

Excellent. Communicated details about my surgery and answered all my questions. Very professional, and did a great job on my hand. – Joe M.

The doctor and his staff are absolutely amazing. My daughter, 5 at the time of her broken arm, was so scared of the doctor and what had to be done. To say that Raheem made it fun for her is an absolute understatement. Thank you all so much for being kind and compassionate to our baby! – David

Dr. Idler, from

Dr. Idler has been very helpful in alleviating hand pain due to arthritic conditions. Would highly recommend. – Anonymous

I feel Dr. Idler really cares about the trouble myself or my son is and was experiencing in the elbow. I always felt comfortable knowing he wouldn't send us away until there was a resolution to the problem. – Rob S.

My 11 year old daughter broke her arm twice. Dr. Idler and Raheim are amazing and comforting. We love them! – Maggie

Dr. Idler, from

Dr. Idler was my primary doctor 11 years ago in Indianapolis when I severed all four fingers of my left hand just below the mp joint. I received excellent care - three fingers were reattached, and while I don't have complete straightening, I am able to work my job, thanks to the care I received during, and for the nine months following my surgery. – Anonymous

I've had 2 surgeries completed by Dr. Idler and he's been amazing. Compared to an experience I had with a previous surgeon who blew me off after his surgery on me failed for a pinched nerve, Dr. Idler accurately diagnosed and has successfully treated me! His staff is always great and he is very friendly. I've never had a problem with him listening to my concerns. – Anonymous

Dr. Watson, from

Dr. Watson repaired a tendon injury on my right hand that occurred as a result of trauma. The injury happened at 10 pm on a Sunday and I was in the OR at 8 am the next day, without an ER visit. He was very transparent and informative throughout the entire process, even after complications that resulted in a second surgery and many more visits with a drawn out recovery. He did not order unnecessary tests or schedule unneeded appointments. Although it's been over a year, my finger is near 100%. – Hunter

Dr. Watson has been outstanding in performance, quality of surgery, ethics, diagnostics, and relational among many other attributes. Out of the many doctors I go to, he is number one. My wife is also his patient and she feels the same way. – Dave W.

Dr. Watson did surgery on a complicated break in my elbow 5 years ago. I recently went to another sports medicine doctor and when he saw the x-rays he said I should say a little prayer every morning that I found Dr. Watson. – Suzanne M.  

Dr. Watson went over all my options and gave me all the information I needed to make my decision. All the staff are very nice and helpful. – Anonymous

Dr. Watson is personable, knowledgeable, and prompt for his appointments. I felt very comfortable letting him operate on my hands. I would recommend him to anyone who needs services for their hands. – Alia

Megan Perry, PA-C, from

Megan Perry has treated my various hand conditions for a number of years. I have found her to have great expertise, is careful about diagnoses, listens well, has good empathy, and helps make the best of tough situations. (When I need a cortisone shot in a tendon, it is no fun... but at least we can kid about it! I joke that she is one of the few people with permission to torture me :) ) Some things that have really impressed me: Great at diagnosis! Absolutely willing to pull in an advisor. – Pete

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

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